Monday, June 29, 2009

June in review

Just as well I pulled out of the blog off. I would have gone down big time. Nathan and Ben, I think you are inspirational bloggers. (So are you, Naomi!)

I made this cool graph with create a graph. Despite my blog-off resignation, I've not lost my commitment to quantity over quality with regards to posting.

June 09 has been my biggest month yet for posts and comments. Highlights? Not many. A big comment catcher regarding church song lyrics and copyright, much shameless promotion of god unlimited, wonderings if, and today, regretting anticipation. Thanks for reading and commenting.

1 comment:

  1. it's been a good month. thanks for all the posts. good to see the graph line for the fist half of this year going steadily up.

    While we may have gotten a wee bit burnt flying too close to the sun with our blog-off, I think the principal still stands- that rarely updated blogs suck, and that we should all kick butt with some good home-cooked quantity, y'all.