Monday, June 1, 2009


If I'd not nodded, smiled, agreed
made eyes and flirted shamelessly,
would you have fallen in a heap
descended into sorrow deep
or would you, shrugging to yourself,
have quickly paired with someone else?

This love we share, is it something rare
or does it grow in fields of plenty?
Was I one in a hundred years
or one in a room of twenty?
Or a room of five, if half were guys
and half too old or young,
If I'd said 'no' had you far to go
to find another one?

I'd like to claim the stars ordained
our love and life together,
but think that chance's random dance
did as well or maybe better.

sar 2009


  1. So did he give you an answer? ;)

  2. Nobody ever comments on poems - and here are two comments!

    Thanks emma.

    Lucy - one in a room of 30 apparently.

  3. 1 in 30...

    At a PWA function?

  4. Not bad! This poem kind of reminds me of that Flight of the Conchords song (the most beautiful girl in the room) - do you know it?

  5. I really like this one!

  6. Kutz : One is thirty - at presbytery. Serious competition.

    Lucy : I'd not heard that song before but just tracked it down on you-tube. :)

  7. I really liked this too btw.

    Do I detect the influence of our friend SH?

  8. Bother, this is just to get the follow up comments.

  9. not particularly on this one... though she's always lurking in the background. This came directly out of a discussion with Andrew. I wrote it quickly and its pretty irregular formally. Fun though.

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