Sunday, March 1, 2009

something more seemed promised

Andrew has started a blog. He plans to write about what he's reading, his thoughts on ministry and stuff and his marathon training.

Have a look.

Now I have to work out if it's too cutsey to comment on your husband's blog. I think it might be.


  1. I reckon he'd like it. E thinks it too cutesy to comment on mine, but deep down I would like her to. Actually not so deep down, really-- I drop hints fairly often!

  2. I'm with Ben. I'd like my wife to comment more. I even set her up a posting account in the hope that she'd add some class to my content.

    It needs it.

  3. Yes, I'm adding my agreement to these comments boys. And I'm still hanging out for my first comment as well.

    Although I suppose you could argue that a whole blog post is worth more than just a comment.

  4. The link.

    In my opinion, the highest form of bloglove.

  5. but does he want the bloglove heralded from the city gates, or whispered softly in his ear?

    Something to ponder.

  6. I don't comment on my husband's blog...but I've linked to it!