Thursday, March 19, 2009

my day

I start work at 11.30 today. Apart from the fact that I only get paid half as much, I love half days. I'll get in there, work with the kids for an hour and a half, send them off to lunch, work with them for an hour (including 20 minutes of silent reading!) then send them home. Easy peezy.

But what I'm excited about is my morning. The question is, how much can I squeeze into it? I'm thinking...
8.20 - set up pump gear at gym so I don't miss out
8.25 - swim
9.00 - cardio machine (might try a cross trainer and listen to something on my ipod)
9.30 - pump class
10.30 - shower, get ready for work, fruit and vege shopping.
11.15 - arrive at work exhausted for an 11.30 start

What are you doing today?


  1. I cannot wait until I have the time and money to go to the gym again! I dream of boxing/pump/body attack/pilates classes...two hours at the gym sounds great.

    My day is the same as any other. quite dull really:

    6:30am - wake up. shower, bible, prayer, breakfast. pack lunch for day.
    7:50am - 15 minute walk to station. read book on train (today: Holy Cow by Sarah Turnbull. Yesterday - Cross of Christ by John Stott)
    8:56am - arrive at work
    9 - 9:30am - emails, blogs, etc.
    9:30-10am - hit the phones and start the daily chase for interviews.
    10-5:30pm - interview, write, edit, commission, research. Repeat until clock hits 5:30pm.

    Then home. Work is such a grind! But I am thankful that I at least have a job...

  2. ...that is, in light of people losing their jobs in the recession...

  3. 9 am - hit the shops to buy Ben clothes for winter (there's a 25% off everything sale on)

    10 am - bible study (with other mum's with young kids)

    11.30 am - swimming lesson for Joanna

    12.30 pm - home for lunch

    1.15 pm - rest time

    3.00 pm - start to clean and tidy house for bible study tonight and hopefully have some time to do some stuff with my veggie garden

    5 pm - start cooking dinner

  4. 6:45 - shower, iron, breaky, bible
    7:30 - out the door, drive to work
    8:00 - work: emails, phonecalls, letters, discussions, meetings, hopefully some lunch, phonecalls, emails, reports, emails, phonecalls etc. etc.
    6:00 - catch up with mates and Indonesian for dinner
    8:30 - stop in at the pharmacy ... a 'crazy' lady gets arrested for shoplifting right next to my car
    9:00 - home: emails, blogs, Facebook, Law and Order ... which brings me up to now...

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