Friday, March 20, 2009

let your light shine

Yesterday I had the privilege (!) of sitting through a Year 4 RE class (I was the classroom teacher.) The RE teacher meant well, but her material was bad bad bad.

The topic of the lesson was 'let your light shine'.

Here's how it went:

10+ minutes talking about the history of lighting - fire sticks, candles, electric lights. The kids were about as interested as I was.

5 minutes talking about how our gifts - the things we're good at - are our light. Each child had to tell everyone what they are good at. Much bragging.

Explanation about how God wants us to 'let our light shine' by using our gifts to help others. Doctors 'let their light shine' by making other people better. If we're good at singing, we should sing to make others happy. Etc. That's what it means to 'let your light shine'.

Worksheets showing people who 'let their light shine'. Firemen etc.

Oh dear.


  1. Are you able (and willing) to 'name and shame' the material she was working from?

  2. I am able. Not sure about willing. It wasn't connect, though.

  3. It's good to hear that it wasn't Connect. At times there material is a bit off the mark, but I don't think I've come across anything this far.

    For a lesson I taught to a kindergarten class yesterday I had a look on the net for some help - last time I do that. Poor understanding of the passage -> unhelpful activities.

  4. (and for clarity)

    Generally the CEP material is really good when it comes to the bible and a great launching point for teaching kids in school and church.