Sunday, March 8, 2009

mixing metaphors

I've just bought Mixing Metaphors, the new Dailies cd. I love it. The Dailies are a husband/wife duo. The production is superb. Their voices are even better - they blend so beautifully. But it's the actual songs that hook me. There is not a lyrical cliche to be found anywhere (almost).

These lines are from the song 'Now What' - a break-up song.

I don't know what happens next
but I would bet it starts with
My right foot down
And then my left
Again and again and again

True, huh?

I love the whole idea of 'A soverign nation sleeps beside me' (listen to an earlier version of the song here). It's a song about conflict within marriage - a rare thing to hear sung about.

Perhaps my favourite is 'The tide'.

The waves roll out and crash back in
And I am somehow comforted by
their indifference
Through all that I cannot abide
ever present
ever changing
ever steady
ever turning
is the tide


I may yet survive the tempest
but I won't outlive the tide
it will breathe when I lay breathless
it cares nothing for my pride
for I am but a vapor
drifting towards that other shore
like every generation
every pilgrim gone before.

You should by it. Really, you should. $16 well spent.

(just look it up on itunes. it's there.)

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