Monday, March 9, 2009

body pump 69

I've done body pump 69 for the last few weeks. Here's what I think:

01. Better In Time - Jamie Knight
Warm up. Nothing special here.

02. Get This Party Started - Dan Winter
Squats. Four rounds - one short then 3 long. Then bottom halves before the singles may fatigue you a bit, but what the heck. Put your weights up anyway.

03. I Don’t Care - Fall Out Boy
Chest. They say to put your weights up because it's shorter than normal. It is - by about 15 seconds. Put your weights up, but expect to die. It's hard.

04. Castles In The Sky - Liz Kay
Back. Couldn't they find another song? This is the lunge track in some other release. It does make for an intuitive back track though. Not too hard, but there are alot of rows and not so many dead lifts.

05. Shut Up & Drive - Rihanna
Triceps. On bench extensions and presses, then stand up for overhead plate work. I like #68 better.

06. So What - Pink
Biceps. Love the song. I think Pink could have a career solely on her body pump royalties. Lots of fun and fairly short. Might as well put your weights up.

07. Stand Alone - Dyce
Lunges. Mix of lunges and 3/4 squats. I'm a little confused about what 3/4 squats are. One instructor says you only go 3/4 the way down, another says you go all the way down and then just come a quarter of the way up... I know which is easier. Dynamic lunges at the end. Because there are squats you need to put your weights up.

08. All I Ever Wanted - Basshunter
Shoulders. Push ups at the start and end. I think it might be hard but it doesn't stand out in my memory...

09. All Summer Long - Kid Rock
Abs. Lots of different things in this one. I like it. Leg extensions, side crunches, normal crunches, hovers.

10. Let Me Be Myself - 3 Doors Down
Cool down. Normal. Nice song.

Overall, it's a fairly easy release. You need to put your weights up to hurt, but chest will really hurt. Nice music. Highlights? chest, biceps, abs.

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