Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dr. Rocktrin 2

I've co-written 7 songs in the last few weeks for emu's next big-kids cd. Varying qualities, ranging upward from very bad.

I only need to come up with one more song. It needs to:
  • be simple so that it instantly works in any context
  • be loved by parents and kids
  • say something significant
  • be so good that it sells the cd
Basically it needs to be a hit. In Christ Alone for 11 year olds.

That's all I've got left to write.


  1. ah, Dr. R. I have fond memories of Philip describing the character he saw in his head so I could draw the front cover.

    Hope you get some inspiration.

  2. My favorite on Get Ready is Fully God, Fully Man. With simple words it conveys profound and important ideas. I've used it with adults too.

    But my kids love songs where there are actions to join in, and simple words that can be remembered by non readers.

    Some unsolicited suggestions...

    Something about why meeting together at church is important -eg. a We Come Together for kids.

    Something about loving your neighbour -that also reinforces who our neighbours are.

    Kids can be great evangelists and do not display some of the inhibitions many adults show. A song that spurs them on to talk to others about Jesus would be great!

  3. Hi David.

    Great suggestions. Paul Sheely has written some great songs for this cd that are similar to 'Fully God'. There's a good trinity song called '3 in 1'.

    We do need a church song. I'll think about it.

    PP and I have a love your neighbour song. It's called 'how to love'. Might need to do an edit to make it clearer who our neighbour is.

    I'll check our list for evangelism stuff. Think it might be there in Paul's stuff.

    Ben - I loved the Dr. R. Cover. More of it?

  4. just realised I put myself in it there!

    I'll give it some thought, thanks:)

  5. Doesn't sound like a big ask at all. I think you can do it. With God's help of course.