Thursday, March 5, 2009

economic crisis hits us...

Not seriously. But last year I was run off my feet with teaching work. This year I'm getting hardly any - despite being available an extra day. It doesn't matter too much financially. We'll get by.

All supply teachers seem to be saying the same thing. Apparently it's because of two things. Firstly, teachers aren't wanting to retire. Those who finished up last year are doing supply work this year so as not to have to touch their super yet. Second, many qualified teachers who have been working in small businesses are looking to get back into schools because their businesses are no longer profitable.

Oh well. More time to do other things. And with interest rates so low, we need the money less.


  1. That's interesting because my brother in law is getting loads of 'casual teaching' (as we call it down here), in Bathurst at the moment. Maybe that's because the financial crisis hasn't hit there yet? Or maybe because it's a country town. Who knows!

    Hope you do get a bit more soon...

  2. Thanks. I'm actually off to work right now!