Saturday, February 18, 2012

WW series 6... a day.

Well, almost. 32 hours.


  1. 21 episodes, 40 mins or so each, making 14 hours.

    So that's one third of your time sleeping, one third watching West Wing...what on earth could you be doing with the other third? ;-)

  2. That's hard core. I was binge watching towards the end...but not quite to that extent. Breathtaking!

  3. I'm up to episode 6, Series 5. I've slowed down in the last few weeks, but I feel a marathon coming on since it's due back at the library next Saturday. Not sure when I'll fit it in, this week is looking rather full....since the middle of the night breastfeed went a few weeks ago, my DVD watching has decreased considerably :(

  4. One series left, then ordinary life can resume.

    Multi-tasking is the way to feel okay about WW binging.

    I spent a few hours on sunday school graphics while watching. And I watched while cooking and kitchen cleaning.

    And I missed out on some sleep.

  5. I've tried the multitasking thing. But the storylines are a bit too complex for me to be able to concentrate on something else without losing track of what's happening in the WW...
    Well done though :)