Saturday, February 25, 2012

Anthony Albanese

What a great name.

1. Top of the alphabet, whichever way you order.
2. Nicely alliterated.
3. Rhymey.

Imagine a skipping chant...

Anthony Albanese
said 'Kevin, Kevin pleasey,
Be our PM,
Try it again!'
Anthony Albanese


  1. His speech is arguably the only time in this saga anyone has modeled the values we aspire to for our political leaders. It's a shame he can't be PM (I assume he just isn't capable enough for that role, or lacks the desire) for in this instance he seems to display many of the character qualities we'd want.

  2. Agree with Mark. It took him a long time to come out and say what he said and he managed to do it without slinging mud everywhere, in contrast to so many other ministers who seemed to want to jump in with attacks in all directions. I heard Julie Bishop say it reminded her of a bar room brawl in a Western movie.
    Also, I did hear one of the ABC's political commentators say on Friday morning "There's a big Anthony Albanese sized hole in the universe" in relation to AA's lack of comment up until that point. I'm glad he waited to speak. He looked a lot more dignified than many others.