Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday night experimental dinner

Spinach meatloaf and roasted veg damper. Yum!


  1. I couldn't quite think what to say last night either...
    Are the meatloaf and damper two separate items or is it a single entity as the photo shows??

  2. Single entity. Rub little bit of butter into SR flour. Add milk to make a dough. Mix through left over meatloaf (with baby spinach in it) and left over roast veges (pumpkin, onion + thyme). Put on tray. Bake. We loved it. Tasted great.

  3. Wow. Creative :)
    I'm no good without a recipe (hence why I love baking things). Making stuff up often ends in failure...

  4. So I'm guessing Woolies was not visited that day? I love your sunday night dinner posts. We never experiment. It's so you.