Sunday, February 19, 2012

Shocking News : Potential Primary School Nit Plague

Dear School,

It was with shock and concern that I read in the newsletter that a case of head lice has been detected in the school. Following your advice, I am avoiding alarm but agree that immediate action must be taken.

There has been much discussion about this development throughout the parent body and it seems that the outbreak at this stage may be confined to a few classes in the lower school. In order to avoid a wider problem, can I suggest the following as a way forward.

1. Prep to year 3 to be considered under quarantine for the next three weeks. Students (and their siblings) should undertake distance education during this time.
2. After the three weeks is up, students must see a doctor/hairdresser and have their lice-free status confirmed by certificate.
3. Random on-the-spot lice checks to be carried out by admin staff daily for the next two months. Students with lice in their hair will be immediately excluded.

I have diligently checked my children's heads and have found that they are clear. I trust that your school head lice management policy will ensure that they stay this way.


A. Parent

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