Sunday, February 5, 2012

Malory Towers Mega Quiz

I spent yesterday with my good friend Cate. Cate and I share a love of literature - in particular, Malory Towers books. We're both up with our MT trivia. Probably equally as good. This quiz is a continuation of our discussion yesterday. Feel free to answer the questions if you can. No cheating. I wrote the questions without looking at the books. You answer them from your MT general knowledge.

A. Books
1. Which book number(s) have the word 'year' in the title?
2. Which book number(s) have the word 'form' in the title?
3. Which book number(s) have the word 'term' in the title?
4. Which two books take place straight after each other (i.e. the terms run directly after each other.)
5. In which two books was Darrell head of the form? In which 2 books was Sally head?

B. Book 1
1. List three new girls that come to MT in this book.
2. Darrell has a problem with her temper. What does she do wrong?
3. Who does Darrell befriend at first? Is this good? Why/why not?
4. What does Sally Hope look like?
5. What is Sally's problem? How does it resolve?
6. Who rescues Darrell from the pool? How does she do it? What does she gain from this experience?
7. Who is the form mistress? Name one other teacher.
8. What is Darrell's father's occupation?
9. What is the name of Gwendoline Mary's ex-governess?
10. What tower does Darrell belong to?

C.  Book 2
1. Name 2 new girls and describe their talents and faults.
2. By the end of the book, these new girls have paired up with someone. Name their partners.
3. Who had a near death experience?
4. Who stole things?
5. Who is friends with a west tower girl?

D. Book 3
1. What is Mavis' talent? What is her fault? How is she cured?
2. What is Bill's full name?
3. What is the name of Bill's horse?
4. Who is the form mistress?
5. Who does Darrell meet before term begins? Where is she from? What does she imagine she's good at? What is she actually good at?

E. Book 4
1. What major stressful thing happens this term?
2. Who played nasty tricks on who and why?
3. What health problem did Clarissa have?
4. What did Gwendoline do to try to escape the exams?
5. Who had relatives begin at MT this term?

F. Book 5
1. Who wrote the script? Who wrote the music? Who was the conjurer?
2. Which role did Gwendoline want? Who got this role?
3. What responsibility did Moira have?
4. Who was the blessed martyr?
5. Which new girl got on everyone's nerves because she thought she was good at everything?

G. Book 6
1. Why did Amanda come to MT?
2. What was she good at?
3. What was wrong with her coaching methods?
4. How did June help?
5. Who was head girl? Who was sport's captain?

H. Friends
Name the friend of each of these girls.
1. Sally
2. Belinda
3. Clarissa
4. Alicia
5. Mary-Lou


  1. I think I'm nearly as good as you and Cate. I could answer almost all of those...and no, I didn't cheat!

    Thanks for putting these up...

  2. Just rattled through the answers out loud to Chris. The only one I couldn't do was Q5 on Book 3...

  3. How could you forget? You'll kick yourself when you hear the answer.

  4. Nope...can't think. Can you give me another clue??

  5. Or was it that American girl? Name started with Z....Zerelda or something like that??

  6. Yes! Now answer the other questions!

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  9. b2 incomplete
    b6 incorrect
    d5 incomplete
    e2 not done

    You scored 42/45. Pretty Good! Delete now.

  10. Or perhaps not...where has the delete reply button gone??

  11. Yes, I can't find that rubbish bin anywhere?? Can you delete if you own the blog?

    Sorry to everyone else who wanted to test themselves...

  12. Um. Wow. I read a LOT of Enid Blyton, including all the Mallory Towers books (and those twins ones, which weren't as good) - but I can't answer most of these. They are just a rough blur of midnight feasts, Darrell losing her temper but coming good at last, and that awful Gwendolyn who came good at the end. Noice.
    I must add that after reading all of those books, actual boarding school came as something of a disappointment because a) I really missed my parents and b) our midnight feasts involved toothpaste and drinking chocolate powder, not all the yummy stuff that Darrell and co. had.

  13. Jo - Megan said just the same thing! Boarding school a let down after MT.

    ps. The twin books at called St Clares. No where near as good.

  14. And I realised my mistakes on b2 & b6... she also pushed Sally off the piano stool in the music room, and MaryLou jumped into the pool to rescue Darrell because the lifebelt wasn't there. Still no clue on d5 and e2 though. Does that get my score up a bit higher?

    I think we can get up to as many comments in here as there were on your Christianity has a feminine feel post if I keep going so I'm signing off for now. Feel free to delete whatever you can...

  15. Agree on the St Clare's vs MT thing too. I posted a link on my blog to your quiz earlier this evening and said the same thing.

    Okay, good night all :) thanks for the evening's challenge...

  16. Thanks for did you do it??