Monday, February 27, 2012

This is the best article that I've ever read on dyslexia

You should all read it. Teachers especially.

The past two decades have witnessed an explosion in our understand- ing of dyslexia (or specific reading disability), the most common and most carefully studied of the learning disabilities. We first review the core concepts of dyslexia: its definition, prevalence, and devel- opmental course. Next we examine the cognitive model of dyslexia, especially the phonological theory, and review empiric data suggest- ing genetic and neurobiological influences on the development of dyslexia. With the scientific underpinnings of dyslexia serving as a foundation, we turn our attention to evidence-based approaches to diagnosis and treatment, including interventions and accommoda- tions. Teaching reading represents a major focus. We first review those reading interventions effective in early grades, and then re- view interventions for older students. To date the preponderance of intervention studies have focused on word-level reading; newer stud- ies are beginning to examine reading interventions that have gone beyond word reading to affect reading fluency and reading compre- hension. The article concludes with a discussion of the critical role of accommodations for dyslexic students and the recent neurobio- logical evidence supporting the need for such accommodations. 


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