Sunday, February 5, 2012

What I love about blogging #867

That I can have a whole lot of people over in my lounge room at once.

The guys go hang out in the family room and bash heads over theological issues (I hand out band-aids, bandage up any broken bones and remind you all of the importance of getting along) and the girls sit on the lounge and talk about Malory Towers books. I'm equally invested in both discussions.


  1. ...and I love that it's perfectly acceptable for someone who might be at the very limits of their endurance already because they're suffering the horrors of reading about the Faraway Tree every night to simply ignore anything about Blyton ...

  2. LOL. It was a fun night.
    I was enjoying the Christianity with a feminine feel debate too, though. Just not quite articulate enough to contribute anything. Chris and I read all of it before I started on the MT quiz...

  3. Waiting for your post on the theological issues of Malory Towers so everyone can get together.