Thursday, February 9, 2012

Christ brings all things back again.

What does this mean, "I bring all things back?" Surely, that nothing is lost. In Christ all is gathered up and kept, everything in a transformed state, purified, and set free from agonising selfishness of desires. Christ brings all this back again, but in the form that God had intended it from the beginning, unstained by our sins."

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, in a letter to Eberhard Bethge, December 1943.

Amen. Maranatha.


  1. Is that an alternate translation of 'I am making all things new'? I don't recognize it.

  2. No. It's a line from a German hymn.

  3. Great quote. Letters and papers from prison?

  4. I was reading his christmas sermons actually, but it's also in LAPFP (p49) with a slightly different translation. Yeah. Great stuff.

  5. Andrew - he links it to Eph 1:10 (I'm not sure about how justifiable that is). Here are the hymn lines. I like them.

    Let pass, dear brothers, every pain
    What you have missed I'll bring again.