Monday, February 20, 2012

Rudd/Gillard mess

I'm on Kevin's side.

I know he's probably a narcissistic pain in the neck, but ever since Julia Gillard went back on her word re. pokies reform, I've been wanting her out.

If she was the ALP option, I'd even consider voting for the coalition in the next election. (It would be the first time.)

So go Kevin.


Is there another option?


  1. The media likes to speculate (and probably caused this crisis since they've talked of little else since JG knifed KR) and therefore have thrown up Stephen Smith's name on occasion.

    Personally, I'd prefer KR partly because JG can't seem to make up her mind on so many things.

  2. I thought I heard Simon Crean's name mentioned last week even? Couldn't quite believe they'd go that far back....
    I'm a fence-sitter. Don't think either option looks too good now. Kevin's "happy little Vegemite" line is really really annoying me.
    And I'm also quite interested in what will happen in Qld if Campbell Newman can't win Ashgrove...

  3. The 'Happy Little Vegemite' seems to be like the song - 'growing stronger every single week'. It's interesting to watch from my point of view. As someone commented on a blog, "There just isn't enough popcorn."

  4. Julia is my local member. She's not in my good books. Not by a long shot.

  5. I'm loving Aus politics at the moment. And also Qld politics. Can't believe what you premier said last week about Newman going to gaol.

  6. Yes, I wish they would just have the "spill" and put Kevin back in there. It is getting a bit tedious waiting for him to make his move.

  7. Interesting...I remember my response to KR shelving the ETS was 'oh dear, Kevin, what are you doing?', whereas the pokies got 'oh well, what else would we expect?'.

    At least Rudd stood for something more than just politics.

  8. Should the LNP win the Qld election but Newman not win Ashgrove, then Jeff Seeney will be interim premier until the LNP have a chin-wag amongst themselves to decide who'll they'll have as their leader (since Seeney claims to not want the job).

    For me, Seeney as premier is a much more attractive prospect than, say, Andrew Fraser (ALP deputy for the non-Qlders) winding up in the top job.

  9. Alistair - sadly, I can believe what Bligh said about Newman - the ALP is the party that said that lying to Parliament is hunky-dory as far as they're concerned and regularly use Parliamentary privilege to slang off at all and sundry who have no right of reply (hence the attacks on Newman's family).

  10. Hi Laetitia.

    Interesting days. Even moreso now.

    Beattie was on Lateline tonight bleating about how Bligh's campaign is being destroyed by Canberra. I suspect that even if Julia is still the leader next month, after the Qld Labour loss the Federal members will get very very edgy.