Wednesday, April 13, 2011

our house

We've lived here for five and a half months now. We thought about moving for about 10 minutes before we decided.  It was the best decision we've made in years.

It is fantastic living across the road from school. The convenience is worth a packet. I can work a lot and the kids don't feel it. I save hours each week driving. The kids take responsibility for getting themselves to and from school. (It's 20m to the school gate!) Tennis/choir/band at 7.30am? Well, off you go! Forgot your homework? Go back and get it! We have the boys friends over every Tuesday and Wednesday. The kids know they can invite people round on these days and on free Fridays and I'll be fine with it.

I've always wanted to have a home where my kids' friends liked to hang out. Now I've got one. Satisfied and thankful.

[Hoping we don't get evicted any time soon. The joys of renting!]


  1. It was such a good idea, she deletes the post...hmm...and then picks the 5.5 month anniversary...hmm...I can only conclude that your idea wasn't as good as the rent-this-house one!

  2. All my ideas are brilliant.

    (In their own 'special' ways.)

  3. I'm glad you saw it too, Anthony. I was beginning to wonder if I was imagining posts. And whether imagining blog posts was some kind of symptom of serious mental unravelling...

  4. Sigh. This sounds awesome - much, much better than my 3hr daily commute. But our house will hopefully be well located for family life other than work - 5-10 mins walk to the local primary school, the maternal and child health nurse, the library, the station and a grocery store.