Thursday, April 21, 2011

Okay guys. I've heard you all. It's time...

...for some Easter spirit.

How is this?

I'm going to make a big Easter Sunday cake. It will be a tomb scene. Grass (lollies), trees, footpath, half easter egg representing tomb (yes, I know. It's been done before). I'll have figures for the women and angel and something to look like bandages inside the tomb.

It will be an exciting and delicious cake.

And as well as convincing you all that I do have easter spirit after all, it will kill another 2 birds.

I need a kids talk for church on Sunday and it's my turn to do morning tea. I'll use the cake as my prop to tell the story for the kids talk. Then I'll serve it up afterwards.

After other ideas for this weekend? We bought the sand bible Easter bits for RE. It is brilliant. Played the video while I read 3 chapters of Luke. Word for word. Held the kids for 20 minutes. Well worth the $30 we paid. The kids wanted to watch and hear all over again. We'll be using it in church as well.


  1. Thannks for the tip. Spreading it virally now via old fashioned technology, like email and telephone. So there social media!