Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good Friday Song Set

Hmmm. I wonder what I'll be playing tomorrow?

Any guesses?


  1. Just for the kids time. Then piano.

    We do Green Hill Far Away ever year - which I like.

  2. I like Green Hill Far Away. Other guesses: Amazing Love? How Deep the Father's Love for Us...
    Tomorrow, we are doing When I Survey the Wondrous Cross (the "modern" version). There is also going to be an item called O the Deep Deep Love of Jesus, the version by Selah. And since it is not my month on music, I will get to sit, listen and enjoy rather than stressing about messing something up.
    I think we are singing Never Alone on that on your playlist sometime this weekend??

  3. We're doing it tomorrow too. And O Sacred head. And When I survey.

    The organ will have all stops out.

  4. Tomorrow - Green Hill, Never Alone, O Mighty Cross, When I survey.

  5. We're doing My Song is Love Unknown, There is a Redeemer, Put a New Song in my Heart, Were you there? (acappella) and Meekness & Majesty. A few from the vault!