Tuesday, April 5, 2011

give up adjectives for Lent

Go on. Do it.

Today I'm listening to Gary Millar speak at QTC.

Right now I'm in a lecture on preaching OT narrative. Gary says that we need to make people feel the story. Okay folks. Listen up. If you want to make people feel a story, don't throw adjectives at them. Tell them the story well, then they won't be able to help but feel it.

That's all.


  1. They'll be temporarily changing the name of QTC to C, I take it?

  2. That's an idea. I am. Lent is.

  3. You know, if some people would only adopt a unitarian rather than a trinitarian approach towards adjectives, this would be an improvement.

    That is, rather than using three distinct adjectives which have the same essential meaning to describe every noun, use ONE carefully chosen adjective...

    I had to pull myself up on this the other day.

  4. Is that just another way of saying "simplify your language"? (which I agree with....)

  5. Karen - More than that.

    People sometimes think that spewing out adjectives is the way to get people to feel stuff. It isn't. An example. A songwriter might think that getting people to sing 'God is wonderful, fantastic, incredible, adorable...' is going to make them feel that God is all those things. It's not. Have us sing of what God's done for us, (choosing nice words so that we'll hear the story afresh) and then we'll feel those things. The adjectives make us feel nothing. Just words.

  6. Show, don't tell... a rule of narrative, no?