Monday, April 11, 2011

a list of random things that make me happy

1. The bay window in our lounge room. Together with the high ornate ceilings and fresh paint.
2. Children borrowing my ukuleles overnight and writing me letters begging to take them home over the holidays. A handful of kids in each class can play them well now. (Well = Smooth progressions between 4 chords. Smooth enough to be able to comfortably sing along with.)
3. The thought that next year might be a new chapter for my grown-ups committee.
4. The current stage that my kids are at. Less cute than most previous stages but so much fun.
5. Knowing holidays are nearly here.
6. The decision to lose 5kg in the next 8 weeks. It's been creeping up... Time to take action!
7. Andrew sitting on the lounge reading theology books in his running gear. All's right with the world!
8. Realising that I'm no longer afraid of books like 'Getting Things Done'. I've read one. I'm unlikely to implement anything he says, but that's okay. [I'll write another post on this one]
9. Cold(ish) nights where I can snuggle under a doona.
10. Living across the road from school and down the road from church.


  1. So does #6 mean no chocolate for you this easter?