Monday, April 11, 2011

I think my life would be complete if I had one of these...

Thanks Al for pointing out the solution to all my problems. And for only $89!

This stunning standing file rack was designed by David Allen and manufactured to our specifications. It combines functionality and elegance for your home or office workspace. Includes a set of our GTD® System File Folders.

A standing file rack can be the most convenient location for supplies and reference material that you need immediately at hand. This graduated version saves desk real estate and makes all folders, action or support, very visible and accessible. 

David Allen on the value of a standing rack:
Attempting to use amorphous piles to create visual overviews and reminders to stay in control is haphazard at best. It is much more efficient and easy on the brain to sort by labeled files that can clearly delineate what things mean to you and what is worthy of immediate reference. 

When you suddenly realize you have a call with a key client in five minutes, to trust that you have all of the relevant background information at hand for a quick scan ahead of time provides enormous relief. Knowing you have a trusted place to capture and park good ideas and interesting materials as they emerge, ad hoc, increases the likelihood you’ll create and capture more good ideas.

Nothing beats having clear focus and that is best served by ensuring all of your inspired thinking and useful information have a good home, with clean and clear edges around the topics and categories. A file stand, one that matches the quality of the in-trays we have designed, has been on a someday/maybe list for years and now we have it and it is a “grand” stand. 


  1. Hang on, didn't you say in a post that multi-coloured files are a no-no?

  2. Well spotted! I noticed too.

    I think there's more money to be made in coloured files. Principles? Whatever. Money talks.

  3. I like the irony.

    1) A file stand like this is the key to all your happiness
    2) We had the idea years ago, but didn't think it important enough to make them

    With logic like that, I'm almost unconvinced!

    (I note in passing that landscape folders take up more room than portrait wallets, and desk real estate is valuable. Plus, you don't pay rates on it)