Tuesday, April 19, 2011

exodus map

I made this today.


  1. More interesting than some one sees. Good work!

  2. God made the whole world in six days, so you're doing pretty well to get that much done in a day under your own steam!

    Oh. You meant the map.

    (It is pretty good, of course)

  3. CorelDraw. Here's how I did it. (I'm sure there are other better ways.)

    1. Copy the outline of a map on paper. Draw a box around it making sure the lines touch the edges properly (this saves fiddling later).
    2. Scan it into the computer.
    3. Put it through a trace program (Corel Draw has one. You can get some online) to turn your pic into a vector type image.
    4. Paste it into Corel Draw. Use drip fill etc to colour it in the different sections.
    5. Do lots of fiddly things to get the outline happening nicely and it all looking clean.
    6. Label it.
    7. Add pretty clipart.

    If I had an ipad I reckon I could draw it straight onto the screen. One day. I've made it so that it can be blown up to A1 without compromising resolution.

  4. Is this for RE or sunday school? I've just finished preparing a term on Exodus for our kid's church next term.

  5. Sunday school. I'm not writing the material - just helping by making a map. I'd love to see you stuff if it can easily be sent.

  6. I must admit I haven't really written the material. I'm using Sandy Galea's Kidswise material, but am adapting it to suit our church situation. So I follow her term plan, but then adapt the talks, pick and choose between the activities and create worksheets to suit our church's demographic, duration etc. Even just doing that took all the time I have available at the moment.