Monday, April 18, 2011

a different world

I do a class at 6am on Monday mornings. I've done the same class since late 2005. Our instructor got married yesterday. This happens approximately every 2 years. The third wedding I've been around for. We'll see the pics in a couple of weeks. We had a fill-in instructor today. It was her first class back after surgery 7 weeks ago. She has new breast implants.


  1. She gets married every couple of years?!

    And if that wasn't a bad pun about the fill-in instructor being now newly filled in, it should have been ;-)

  2. Yes she seems to. And other live in boyfriends in between.

  3. My gym is always an eye-opening, 'educational' experience for me too!

  4. Why would you want a bigger bust if you're an aerobics instructor?!

    *confused male*

  5. someone proposed to their girlfriend in our gym class yesterday. He came right after the squat track with a group of young people (I go to a uni gym singing some song and proposed in a suit while the girl was in her gym gear.

    I bet they were christians :)