Wednesday, April 6, 2011

can't believe this term is still going

Week 12.

One more to go after this.


  1. NSW public schools finish on Friday. Holidays are badly needed here...

  2. Why is QLD having a 13 week term? I though Ed QLD decided a couple of years ago that they weren't going to stick to school holidays being at Easter, so that terms didn't end up being 13 weeks long, but the more standard 10 weeks.

    Term 1 this year, here in NZ is only 11 weeks and that is even with it being 'long' (by 1 week) so they can fit in September/October school holidays with the final stages of the Rugby World Cup.

  3. It's actually a 12 week term, though it probably feels like 13. Mel is right, when Anna was education minister she said the terms would be kept even instead of fitting around Easter so what happened? I home educate my two school-aged kids, so we're stopping after tomorrow :)

  4. Feels like 15.

    Yes. That promise has been forgotten.

  5. School holidays - this week in the NT - yay!!