Tuesday, October 12, 2010


We're contemplating moving house. Our house (which we bought 3 years ago) is 4kms from church and school. 4km isn't far on a Sunday, but in peak hour it can be. We've also outgrown it. Hard for us to have people over.

So we're planning to put it up for rent and rent out something bigger that's close to church and school.

We were thinking vaguely of making a move in the new year, but this house has become available now. It's directly across the road from school and a short walk to church. If we got it, it would be easy for us to have the kids' friends and others over.

Please pray for us. Quite stressy. So much paperwork involved. Financially risky.


  1. When we moved down to Shoalhaven Heads, the church was in the process of building a rectory, so they rented us a house which was across the road from the school.

    It was an instant winner in terms of quickly forming relationships with parents in particular. Heaps of cups of tea etc. Massive kick start on ministry in the school and more.

    Go for it, and God be with you!

  2. I will pray. Moving is a very stressful thing.

    Exciting though as well. The place looks cool- I love that front bay window thing.

  3. That is a very nice looking house. Close to school would be great. But I hear you on the stressy element. Praying for wise decisions for you.

  4. Wouldn't imagine there'd be lots of suitable places coming up with great frequency in Clayfield, so when they do come up you'd have to move pretty decisively.
    Looks a very nice home.
    You've got the advantage of knowing it's flood-proof, too, at the moment, apparently.

  5. Looks like a really nice place based on the pics.

    Having lived near a school and dealt with school peak hours and having worked for BCC in the traffic area, I know what school traffic can be like. (Fortunately it clears in about half an hour.)

    Just please don't complain to the council about how people are stopping across your driveway or parking really close to (but not over) your driveway flares thereby making it difficult to get out and can you have parking restrictions to stop this. You'll get a 'no' for an answer.

  6. We live next door to our church which is next door to our local school. And it is FANTASTIC for being a part of and building up community. Wouldn't have it any other way. Also means we don't have to leave for school too early in the mornings! And if someone forgets something (like mummy forgets it is free dress day, for example) it isn't a drama to quickly go back home to sort things out. Go for it.

  7. We haven't heard if we've been accepted yet. Andrew threw the application together really quickly so it might have looked a bit dodge. Pretty tricky to capture a stipend package in a line. Similarly my employment situation. Guess we'll wait and see...