Saturday, April 23, 2011

women in john or women in kings?

I have to speak at a women event in early June. It's an informal thing for church women (not at my church) and there won't be many there. My brief is to talk about anything at all that I'm interested in. I think I'll do something biblical, though not a straight exposition. Last year when I was working on Kings I thought I'd like to do a talk on women in the books of kings sometime. Interesting stuff. Athaliah. Jezebel. But I've recently started work on John. I could look at women in John's gospel.

If you were at such an event, what would you like to hear?


  1. The women in Kings, just because I've never heard anyone tackle it.

  2. No help here...they both sound interesting. But I probably know less about the women in Kings than the women in John....
    PS. Can I email you sometime about what beginner ukulele I should buy? Can I friend you on facebook or something and message you that way?

  3. Women in Kings, women in John - they both sound interesting. If I was at such an even I'd like to hear something encouraging, useful and short.

  4. Yep, Kings. OR - you could make it more broad and include Abigail, to balance all the evilness from the others! Or just because she's awesome.