Saturday, January 29, 2011

kernel panic

I have a kernel panic on my MacBook. (I'm panicking too.)

What do I do? It just keeps on telling me I need to restart by holding down the power key. I do that, then it tells me to do it again.

I called the help line and they told me to try a few things which didn't work. I'm going to take it to the apple shop tomorrow, but what do I do in the mean time? Life feels empty and uncertain.. Any ideas?


  1. Sadly I'm no help at all. But why is it called a kernel panic? I am here visualising un-popped popcorn kernels running wild...
    And (this is a question for the universe rather than you personally) why is calling the help line usually not much help?

  2. Why is the first question when you call the helpline "Have you turned it off and then on again?"
    If I could fix it myself so simply I wouldn't be calling the helpline.

  3. I've reinstalled the OS but it hasn't helped. I think it's a hardware problem.

  4. Hi Simone,

    Did you clean install the OS (ie backup your data, then install from scratch)? If so, and you're still having problems, I'd agree that it's almost certainly hardware, and the three most likely candidates are RAM (easy and cheap to fix), graphics memory or the logic board (motherboard), both expensive to replace. If you're covered by Applecare, you'll be sweet. I'd also consider extending your Applecare for another two years before your 1 year warranty runs out.

    *The* Apple Store is the place to go, rather than a reseller, if you're near one. The customer service is very good.

  5. Hi Ben - Pretty sure it's hardware. I have an appointment at the apple store on Friday. They'll operate on it then. I just have to survive the week...