Monday, January 24, 2011

National Ukulele Crisis

Floods? Whatever.

Just about every music store across Australia has sold out of lower range ukuleles.  Things are desperate. Shops don't expect to restock until March or April.

I'm after a class set. Does anyone have one gathering dust?


  1. A story.

    When Sarah and I visited your place, my wife was secretly planning to buy me a uke for our anniversary that week (trad. gift timber). So she checked out the brand of yours, and knew from ur blog that it cost ~$80.

    So we called up three of the biggest music stores in Brisbane - all sold out. Sarah also called up the music stores in Tamworth knowing we were headed there - all sold out.

    But following our GPS to Mt Tambourine, it took us a way we wouldn't have gone, up through Beenleigh, We were stopped at traffic lights, noticed a music store, pulled in, and they had one left - exactly what we wanted.

    So, sorry can't help you from sunny Sydney with the Uke crisis, but you should know that it isn't a figment of your imagination, there really is a national shortage.

  2. Are you enjoying yours?

    I did know Sarah was after one.

  3. Surely this means of of the children will have been given one for Christmas? I have a little purple Maholo that I played before I got serious and bought one that's tuned properly, which you can borrow or whatever.

  4. I am enjoying it immensely. They were quite well-represented at Tamworth too, so they must be the 'in' thing atm.

    Also, the chord chart and tabs here have been fun.