Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Today I went to work to find that the man who's job I took last year (he was on long service leave) is back. He wasn't sure if he was going to retire or not. It seems that he's not retiring just yet.

It's his job, not mine. I have no right to it. But I have heaps of good ideas and had so much fun last year.

So I'm sad now.

School is keeping me on (mostly out of kindness) for one day a week. I'll probably teach year 1-2 music or something like that. I'm not really a fan of the lower school. But neither is he.

I get to keep my choir which is great and I'll be moved to the top of the supply list so I still expect to get plenty of work.

But I'm still disappointed.


  1. That's disappointing Simone - I hope that they find something else for you as the year goes on that you'd enjoy.

  2. Highly likely the teacher will resign soon.

  3. :(

    But you have to be philosophical about it, right? Music is all about timing...

    At least this means you've got a chance to get on top of all that procrastination fodder. And sounds like they're keen for you to keep lurking in the vicinity!

  4. I'm not going anywhere!

    Biding my time...

  5. Sorry to hear that Simone. That's really dissappointing.

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  7. Sorry...don't you sometimes hate that you can't edit a comment? Just wanted to say that you've got the right idea keeping the visibility up at the school, Simone. That way when he finally decides to go, you're there ready to step in...hopefully permanently rather than temporarily, but my experience in Qld Health is that they can have people sitting temporarily in positions for years! Hope they're a bit quicker than that in EQ...