Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Simon of Samaria

This is the first song we've written for a new kids cd on the book of Acts. It was inspired by (the bible and) Studio 60.

Simon of Samaria

Simon of Samaria
was a sordid sorcerer
he wowed the city with his magic tricks.
And everybody watched, amazed
they gasped in wonder and proclaimed
"This Simon is the mighty power of God"

Then Philip came along and spoke
of Jesus, gave them life and hope
And Simon's tricks, they seemed a little thin.
To pull a rabbit from a hat
is cool but so much more than that -
Jesus died to set us free from sin.

Jesus, better than magic
Jesus, isn't a game
Jesus, better than magic
Cause he rose to life again.

Magic tricks and party games
had won him honour, wealth and fame
but shortly, Simon's sorcering days would end.
All his fans were much more wowed
by Jesus who they followed now
for Jesus died and rose to life again.

sar 2011


  1. I thought I detected a large number of words beginning with S...sneaky, subtle songwriting...

  2. I couldn't get the words to fit the tune.

  3. Nice.
    We're singing this week at our VBS.
    My but it gets harder and harder to get children to sing along.

  4. @Gary - hopefully the classics? Like "Stop, and Let Me Tell You"... that one always gets the crowd pumping.

  5. We fold material from past years back in so there's only one totally new song, which this year is 'One more step along the world'.
    Others include Pharoah Pharoah (always popular, even was at School Scripture classes), 10,9,8 God Is Great, He Reigns (Newsboys), Our God Is A Great Big God, Shout Your Fame.
    A number of attendees go to the local Lutheran School where these songs are part of their devotional activity.
    Even when I go to their school chapel services the lead singers, choirs, presenters all sing, but they don't automatically sing as part of the 'audience'. They really need encouraging to sing 'along' and not just watch.
    We get into it eventually, but it just seems to be less and less instinctive for them to sing than I remember.
    We're using Sandy Galea's material on the trip to the promised land, BTW.
    Kidswise really is wonderful for those of us not skilled at writing our own curricula.