Wednesday, January 26, 2011

good taste takes a back seat on Australia Day

Australian Flag apparel was all the rage at the beach today.

Popular items included Australian Flag:

  • Bikinis
  • boardies
  • towels
  • hats
  • tatts
  • attach to the head umbrellas
  • drape around yourself flags
  • bodysuits
  • singlets
  • t-shirts
  • fingernail polish
  • thongs
  • body paint.

There were thousands at Kings Beach today. I think we were the only group dressed normally.


  1. Yes. But last year you took your Australian towel to the gym didn't you?

  2. Andrew and I were at in the car park at Cataract Gorge in Launceston today & discussed keying all the cars flying Aussie flags. We decided that was a bit extreme.

  3. Al - bringing that up was nasty.

    Jo - Caloundra today was unbelievable. I tried to not be a killjoy - but really... What exactly was being celebrated? I asked Micah. He said, "We're remembering when Australia was found." Hm. I think we were celebrating our hedonistic lifestyle and (deliberately) forgetting at whose expense it came.

  4. I like Australia Day. I am thankful I live in Australia.
    I personally like the Australian flag. I don't mind the occasional tasteful display (not bikinis) of it on our national day. If you can't bring out the flag then when can you?
    But I do think the marketing of loads of mechandise is woeful.
    I also don't like seeing Easter eggs in the shops in January or Christmas starting in September or October.

  5. I claim seeing two girls in Warwick Capper wigs. Now that's Orstraylian, in't it?

  6. Ooh you sound like my parents - the only people at the beach not wearing some crazy thing; the only car without little plastic flags. when I was a child I thought they were terribly boring. As a teenager I was grateful.