Monday, January 17, 2011

the fruits of procrastination*

Here's what needs to happen in the next couple of days

  • Write the script for 3.5 sunday school lessons.
  • Draw 7 pictures (I've started some of them)
  • Make worksheets for 7 more lessons.
  • Make 8 demos for little kids crafts


  • Go to school and find out if I have a job this year.
  • Take Joel to the doctor. We think he may have broken a toe.

* Was I procrastinating because I have problems with impulse control and delayed gratification? The unclutterer nazis would say so. I don't think so. After a year of working at absolute capacity I needed a break.


  1. Oh, I am the worst gorram procrastinator in the whole world. However, I also work quite hard. Part of the procrastination in the lead-up is, I think, knowing what it (the hard work) costs me... It is a reigning in of more than just impulses. IMO.

  2. Perhaps you weren't actually procrastinating then, but just gathering reserves for the next push.