Sunday, January 9, 2011

things I learned this week

1. Andrew's family is lots of fun to holiday with.
2. Eggs can be hard boiled in a rice cooker.
3. Onions and spices can be fried up in a rice cooker.
4. A rice cooker / slow cooker combo make an excellent stove alternative.
5. Ukulelies are social little instruments and sound nice with a guitar.
6. It was worth spending the extra $35 on my uke. The $25 variety don't sound nearly as nice.
7. I can play Wonderwall on guitar. Kind of.
8. I like to look at beautiful mountain springs and rock pools, but I prefer to swim in the comfort of chlorine.
9. A 22 part TV series is probably better watched over more than four evenings. 7 episodes a night is pretty full on.
10. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is thoroughly enjoyable. Bradley Whitford is just as good in this as in WW.
11. I can cope without the internet or my mobile phone for a week but probably only if I'm with 18 other people.
12. March flies are really annoying.
13. Ticket to Ride is a fun game to play.
14. I'm glad our kids are past the playdough stage.
15. Disney brings everyone together.
16. Scrabble is stressful.
17. God answers prayers.
18. Our dog can cope without us.
19. Home is lovely
20. It is possible to have an extended family holiday without a natural disaster.


  1. Re 16. No stress here when playing Scrabble. I love it, even if my little rack is full of consonants that don't seem as if they'll ever make a word.
    And I liked 17 too....yes, He does!

  2. We love Scrabble too! I'm glad about 14 too.

    Did I ever tell you that my mum and your mum-in-law were friends in their teens? They met because your mil's mother 'counselled' my mum at a Billy Graham crusade.

  3. Sounds all fun. Does No 17 mean what I think it means?

  4. No Ali, I'm not pregnant.

    (no other comment.)

    Wendy - small world.

    Karen - my experience was a rack full of vowels. Consonants are exciting at least.

  5. No, didn't think it was you. :)

  6. 2 & 3 - are we talking the electric or microwave oven variety? If the MO, I want instructions. :-)

    13 - Indeed it is - you can come play with us any time and we have many other board games that require more strategy and are more exciting than Monopoly too. Oh, and we have a friend who sells them if you want copies.