Saturday, August 21, 2010

What do I do about this?

Our boy, Nathan, is pretty excited about today's election. He's googled all the parties (major and minor) and read their policies. He reads everything we get in the mail. He knows all the local candidates and some from further afield. He watches ABC News24 every moment we let him. He listens to the radio. He preaches to his friends. I think at age 10 he is more informed than 95% of adults.

Yesterday Andrew and I looked on his blog and discovered that he's been using his school email address to send notes to politicians. Like this one he sent to our local LNP candidate:

Dear Mr. Mcarvie
I don't understand why you fear refuges so much. Watch this clip by get up.

Hope this helps you change your mind,

P.S This will go on blog.

As a parent, is there anything that I should do about this (except laugh)?


  1. I think that this is really cool. I, on the other hand, did the bare minimum of reading and was rather at loss in the latter stages of filling out the boxes on my senate form.

  2. I think it he's amazing. He's reading, obviously comprehending and making his own mind up. He's proactive. I don't think you should laugh, you should stand in awe. (And he has a school email address?)

  3. Let him stay up and watch the count. And while the boffins stall for hard data, you can talk about all sorts of relevant theology etc. What an opportunity to unpack Jesus' not-of-this-world kingdom!

    Oh, and I guess you'd better sign him up with the Correct Party. He'll need to start reforming them now if they're gonna be in shape when he runs for PM. ;-)

  4. Simone - he is a total legend and I hope you're going to encourage him into politics because we need people like him leading our country. I'd let him stay up - he's done so much prep it would be sad for him to miss out on the live action.

  5. Better prepare him for the idea that we might not have a result until sometime next week - just in case the AEC has to rely on all those postal ballots for a result.

  6. That's fantastic Simone, I think you're right about him being more informed than lots of adults.
    I think interest in politics is supposed to be a sign of intelligence??
    Hope he enjoys the election count coverage tonight.

  7. I wonder if his opinions differ from his parents?

  8. Train a child in the way he should go...

  9. Cool, encourage him and discuss it with him and he's unlikely to get in trouble.

  10. Get him to get his friends emailing the pollies too - it was by far the most effective lobbying tool we found when I was working for a lobby group.