Monday, August 23, 2010


A blogger with rocks in her head
wrote a post that was linked to and read
by four hundred. She frowned
and then pulled the post down
for some things are much better unsaid.

sar 2010


  1. Firstly, may I suggest you delete this comment so that people aren't tempted to act deviously on the information I am about to say.

    Your original post stays on RSS feeds. Its still there now, and I can read it on my Google Reader. If you really want to delete all memory of the pots, you're better to go back to the post, edit it first by deleting the title and deleting the words of the post and replacing it with the words 'Post removed by author'. This will then update in most RSS feeds thus effectively deleting the original post. Then delete it from the blog.

    As you've already deleted it, the only way to do this properly is by going back into your history to the page where you first typed the post. If this will load, then you can follow the steps above.

    Otherwise it will be there forever.

    Just a tip.

  2. I don't care that much. But thanks!

    It still exists in my drafts folder. I may put it back up again when I have heaps of other posts on top of it. I liked the comments and don't want them lost!

  3. I like what you do. Don't be put off by a bit of wrangling.

  4. What Michael said. Your points were excellent and valuable and persuasive. We are in the world, not out of it.

  5. Well, hang on - I am not taking my kids outta private school yet!

  6. I like that you put a full stop in the middle of a line.

  7. This made me laugh! I'm a sucker for a good limerick.