Monday, August 16, 2010

are your beliefs rational?

Mine are pretty much rational. I scored a distinction.

You have been awarded the TPM medal of distinction! This is our second highest award for outstanding service on the intellectual battleground.
The fact that you progressed through this activity without being hit and biting only one bullet suggests that your beliefs about God are internally consistent and well thought out.
Try it yourself.

Thanks craig.


  1. Ha! I managed to get hit for holding the apparently irrational belief that the Loch Ness monster has a different form of existence (or not) to a deity.

    And even though I don't come from Queensland, I assume I bit the same bullet...albeit for different reasons.

    But it was remarkably limited in scope. They could have just said 'are you a fideist?' and got it all over with.

    I must be in party-pooper mode tonight.

  2. Andrew went down pretty badly too. He was pretty party pooper-ish.

  3. Yeah I got the same score. I was mean to atheists.

  4. Ah, a fellow rationally minded fellow. Good man!

  5. I emerged unscathed for some reason, placing me in the 8.12% of people who did so. I note that 46.06% of participants receive a medal of honour which either means a lot of their visistors are fairly rational, or they're just very generous. Thanks for the distracting link - another 5 minute delay before beginning to compile homelessness statistics. Now, how else to procrastinate...

  6. I didn't like some of the edges in its distinctions between rationality and faith. Got the same score as you, Simone.

  7. I didn't do so well. And then I got cranky at the test. Stupid, smug test.

    My husband will probably do much better than me!