Monday, August 9, 2010

Following Jesus Sunday School material - get it here!

Week 1 drama script, lesson overview and graphics here.

Reader booklet (age 8ish-11ish) here.

Early Reader booklet (age 6-8) here.

Pre-reader (little kid) booklet here.

[you may need to hit the green download button below the box if the file is slow to load online.]


  1. ...and for those who are finding they need to take that bracketed advice, after the 15 second delay, it looks like you're redirected back to where you started! BUT, this time, the download button works.

    Which is how I'm able to point out that p 7 of the pre-reader booklet has a typo at the top ;-)

  2. I've fixed it on mine. Will wait till all the other mistakes are found before I replace the online ones.

    Did you read them all through to pick up that mistake?!?

  3. No...that's just the one I've a vested interest in, based on the makeup of our kids church atm. And I wasn't really proof-reading, but I do have a knack for noticing these things sometimes.