Sunday, August 1, 2010

I can wait patiently

I don't need to know right now.

If it does say anything interesting, I'll find out eventually.

And it doesn't matter anyway.


  1. In Christ Alone was apparently the ultimate winner, but Never Alone did pretty well. Particularly in the online poll (!!)

    They had pie graphs (made to look like drums - how cool are we!) of best contemporary from the print votes, best hymn from the print votes, and online combined. I thought the whole method of voting/tabulating seemed a bit confusing and not particularly balanced, though.

    Sorry I can't remember more - I don't have a copy to hand. But nice job on getting close to as many votes as Keith Getty!!

  2. Wait, I just found one!

    "Although it may seem unfair to compare the results for our three separate polls, "In Christ Alone" clearly received more votes that all the other nominations... local EMU favourite "Never Alone" proved popular online.. The online audience is dominated by men, especially churchworkers and those under 40."

    Not sure what you make of that! Younger men like your song...?

    Luke Woodhouse has a pretty good article on congregational singing in there as well.

  3. Completely meaningless, I'm afraid. Not a number in sight to indicate the size of each sample, and even then, they only used the first week of online results. I certainly doubt that the mail-in response via the newspaper reached the 272 online votes (currently), meaning we're looking at ridiculous distorted comparisons.

    In a past life, I tried to use numbers responsibly. I get annoyed about this.