Thursday, August 12, 2010

Andrew wants to buy me a new computer

He likes buying computers.

And he's sick of me using his. Life is too short for me to continue to use my desktop. Every click wastes precious seconds.

What should he get?

If there weren't people starving in the world, it would make sense to buy a Mac.



  1. If there weren't people starving in the world, it would make sense to buy a Mac. Why? Because they're more expensive? Not by much now.

    Get a Mac. It'll save you money in the long term.

  2. I'm with brother Al. the marketing hasn't made us compliant or anything like that, but you really should get a mac. It may not necessarily save you money... maybe frustration. they don't whinge. they don't ask you a billion questions, or try to second guess you...
    I feel like I'm being treated like a reasonable adult when I use it

  3. Perhaps, but when you get a lemon of a Mac, you're pretty much stuck with it. We bought one for Jude, and watched the wireless signal degrade time after time, having it repaired several times, before finally giving up in frustration. When it was impossible to get Safari to stay open for longer than 30 sec, despite reinstalls and everything, I knew it was hopeless.

    If you just want it for lightweight stuff - browsing, email, typing - get a netbook. Dirt cheap, does what you need on the run. Then you could use the desktop for...desktop publishing ;-)

    I've found Dell to be mostly good value. And they once replaced a power supply and motherboard for free, out of warranty.

  4. It was a Dell that I replaced for a MacBook. I replaced 3 hard drives in the Dell and it was always overheating. (I'm talking laptops here.)

    The Netbook might be a good idea though.

    The macBook I'm driving I bought of ebay for less than a grand. It had an extended warranty that is still going.

  5. We have just bought a dell mini (Peter fried the track pad on our Acer netbook while trying to upgrade the RAM and I can't use a normal mouse in the kitchen - it falls into the cake mix!). We like it except the webcam is dodgy - doesn't automatically adjust for ambient light and we can't get it to adjust manually, so it looks like we are always living in the dark.

    We would strongly recommend the Dell online outlet store (where they sell computers that people have ordered, but then not followed through with the sale). They sell these pre-configured models for a greatly reduced price (compared to their normal prices), just to get them moving out of the warehouse (which is in Malaysia).

  6. Thanks guys.

    A netbook won't do me. I want to be able to do graphics and music stuff using programs a netbook wouldn't hold.

    Mel - we had a look on that site. Thanks. Thinking...

    To Mac or not to Mac...

  7. We have just bought an iMac, the entry level model. I really like it so far, but I'm no tech-head so I probably don't understand even a quarter of what it can do. And having lived with a slow laptop for ages prior to getting it, it seems incredibly fast...suddenly I have extra time in my day because it doesn't take twenty minutes to start the computer up and even longer to load pages.

    But you might need more than entry level model for the graphics and music stuff you want to do? Which would increase the $$. And you're right, they don't come cheap. I was nervous as I watched Chris hand over the credit's a big purchase to make during unpaid maternity leave.

  8. Get someone tech-savy Simone and get together a custom configured system off U-mart (located at Milton), they sell well pretty much everything below market-price, you can buy the parts seperately and get someone you know to put it together who is proficient at such a heinously tech-heavy act or they can put it together for you and you'll still be saving money in comparison to companies like Dell, Apple etc