Tuesday, August 3, 2010

language adjustment

If you live in my household, the new rule is this:

NEVER say 'I can't find my...'

Instead, say 'I'm looking for my...'

The first comes across as a whinge. It's a statement of inaction. You can't find it. You've given up all hope. You've stopped looking. Oh well. If the situation is that bad, you might as well get busy to take your mind off it. Here. Take out the rubbish.

The second is winsome. It implies action. I was going to ask you to take out the rubbish but won't because you are already busy. Good kid.


  1. We have recently made a similar adjustment in our household.

    It's forbidden to say 'I've got snotties', but rather the new phrase is 'can I have a tissue' or 'can you blow my nose'.

    If I hear 'I've got snotties' one more time, I may just finally snap.

  2. We're always looking for requests rather than whinges here. The tendency to say, "I'm thirsty" or such like is just dreadful. It is such passive, helpless statement.