Sunday, August 29, 2010


... I have a delicious, wonderful day all to myself.

My house is cleanish, the washing is on now, we're not desperately short of food, I wrote a serious lyric last week- so the day is clear. I have two new poetry books I'd like to look through and an entirely frivilous half written poem.

[Just so long as no one's sick...]

I'll be in my favorite coffee shop for a very long time.


  1. poetry erm? are you a Poe, Coleridge, or Blake fan? :D

  2. That doesn't sound anything like ridiculous. How nice! "Waiter, I'll have one shot of fresh creative juice please, with a side order of whimsy"...

  3. Hi Marshall. I like them but I especially like Sophie Hannah. Try this:

    But today I'm reading some American and Australian women.

  4. Just been reading some Barth. Simone, do you by any chance like Barth? I'm thinking that you'd like him.