Friday, August 27, 2010


Ali tagged me in this meme. I have to write 10 things that make me happy. Lots of things make me happy. I couldn't limit it to 10. Here are 15. Ask me tomorrow and I'll list another 15.

1. Jesus. The forgiveness of sins. Life everlasting.

2. The 'newspaper' Nathan is making at the moment. It's called the 'Daily Fear' and is delightfully satirical.

3. A high school musical duet.

4. Thinking about the new creation where I'll be able to hang out with friends for a really long time.

5. Micah eating his dinner.

6. Joel's clay sculptures.

7. Anything expressed in venn diagram form.

8. My choir. Today they learnt a harmony part for 'Song for the Mira' and sang it nicely.

9. Getting a song demo in my email inbox.

10. The chest track in Body Pump - if I can load up the bar significantly and not fatigue out before the end.

11. A good Sophie Hannah style poem.

12. 3 hours in a coffee shop.

13. Making Andrew watch 'Twilight' movies with me.

14. A new idea.

15. Someone else doing my paperwork.

I tag: Ruth, Sarah, Anthony, Nathan R. Nicole,


  1. Great! Now I have to find some people who actually read my blog in order to tag them. If anyone felt unloved (or just apparently permanently morose), feel free to quickly put a comment on a post of mine. You can be an instant friend, and I'll have one less to think of ;-)