Saturday, August 14, 2010

something you might not know about me...

I had a reasonably significant speech problem when I was a kid. No one except my mum had any idea what I saying. I was in weekly speech therapy for 3 years and had an at home program that my mum diligently put me through every single day. At age three, all of my consonant and most of my vowel sounds needed work. My family teases me over an instances when I was asking for some 'ga-ga'. No one knew what I wanted. Eventually mum figured out that it was stuffing (from a chicken) that I was asking for. At least I got the syllable count correct! I remembering mastering the word 'pot'. I pronounced it kind of p-hot, making the 'p', then dropping my jaw for the 'o' and finishing with the 't' (easily forgotten).

I speak okay now. Some might say I speak too much.

Two out of three of my kids have had speech issues. Their problems are pretty much fixed (thanks to wonderful speech therapists) but there is a deliberateness in the way they move their mouths which reminds me of past struggles. Our little one has a formal, proper way of speaking. Some have asked if he has an accent.


  1. Kinda nice to hear this story about you, and awesome that you got over it. Your Mum is really to be applauded for getting you to stick to it day in day out. And also great of you guys to do the same with your kids.

    As someone who still has a very severe speech problem that I've had since about 3, I can definitely attest that it's ALL about getting in there real early, and just getting to it, no matter how much hard work is required. When it takes hold and becomes habitual, and feels 'normal' to the kid, then it's getting too late. I didn't get therapy until I was 9, which was really much too late.

  2. A fantastic story about the benefits of early intervention...thanks for sharing.