Tuesday, June 15, 2010


... is living up to expectations.

Apart from one day of post-adrenaline suckfulness, June has been hip month.

Things I'm thankful for:
- aeroplanes, music conferences and good times
- andrew and the kids - who like that I'm involved in lots of stuff
- that we can teach re at school in a high energy, fun way
- that there are so many great stories in the bible - makes kids ministry a breeze
- my lovely choir and that I have time to be really involved in the school community
- the teachers at school - they are so committed to educating our tricky #2. Today I found out that the deputy and principal have both been talking with his very able classroom teacher trying to work out strategies to teach him and stretch him. And he's not a behaviour problem! They are just genuinely interested!
- Robyn who keeps our church hall clean. She works every week picking up after untidy people like me. I was in there this afternoon and the place sparkled.
- an entirely-for-fun middlemarch lyric I've almost finished.


  1. I like your list of thankfuls. I am thankful that you ARE teaching re at school in a fun way. And I'm thankful that other people have tricky #2's(of the child kind. I don't wish tricky #2s of any other kind on *anyone*).

  2. Your #2 is tricky?

    I'm a second child. We are poor, downtrodden, misunderstood creatures...