Monday, June 28, 2010

7 things I like about God

1. God is not insecure about his own majesty and power. He's not threatened by the devil or by people because there's no competition.

2. Though he has no need for us (we are tiny, stupid and nasty ants, inhabiting an insignificant planet), he stands with us, acts for us and LOVES us!

3. He came up with the idea of the incarnation and actually went through with it.

4. He came up with the idea of the crucifixion and actually went through with it.

5. He knows us completely and still offers us complete and ongoing forgiveness.

6. He gives us the honor of serving him and makes it so that serving him is not stifling but more wonderful and freeing than serving ourselves.

7. His word is more sure than the laws of the universe. The mountains will collapse, the oceans will run dry, the stars will forget their course, and the sun will fall but God will not go back on his promises.