Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What I'd say at an RE parent evening

[cut, pasted and expanded from comment below]

Introduce myself - explain that I'm a teacher, that I'm from x church, that I love teaching their kids

Outline my program for the year

Give them a sample lesson - tell them a story from bible. (maybe)

Explain some of the [side] benefits of having kids in the program - better understanding of English literature, history, culture etc.

Talk about how RE helps kids
1. It gives them a better understanding of themselves - they are valuable and loved by God, they (like all of us) make bad choices, do the wrong thing and hurt others. They feel guilt (some quite acutely). Knowing what to do with guilt is really important. In RE we talk a lot about forgiveness and the God who knows everything that we think and do (both the good and bad stuff), who takes our actions very seriously but continues to love us.
2. Helps with fears. There is someone who is holding everything together. The overall narrative is under control. There are painful things along the way but these aren't the last word.
3. Gives hope - life after death.

Common questions kids ask.

Which bible to choose


 What do you think? How would you do it?


  1. I had the same thought as Al actually. I don't think the parents at our kids'(public) school would come out specially to hear it. It's hard enough to get them to come to the class teachers' info nights. But maybe the parents in your part of Brisbane might??

    I do like the outline though. And I would go if they ran one at our school.

  2. Most likely, not, but it would only take 5 minutes to organise and somebody might come.

    All parents turn up to the parent info nights at our kids school! Mostly both parents. They pay a baby sitter.

  3. same at our school.

    And you're right; somebody might come. That'd be cool.

  4. Yes, I'm sorry, after I posted that comment I thought it was a bit negative and that if even one person came who didn't normally attend church it would still be worth doing.
    I might suggest the paid babysitter idea to our school for next year's info nights. They have just started paying someone to mind the kids during P&C so at least they're thinking about it. We are in what's classified as a "socially disadvantaged" area though, it's not easy to mobilise parents for anything much around here.

  5. I actually meant that individual families pay baby sitters to look after their own kids just so both mum and dad can attend the evening. What's $50? I think we live in quite a different area to you, Karen!

    My friend ran a parent night for RE a few years ago. She only taught one or two classes and had a handful of parents come. I teach 400 kids. I'd like to think I'd get a few parents along.

  6. Honestly, it didn't even cross my mind you were talking about people organising babysitting themselves!! There's not too many spare $50 for most parents around here. It's a shame though, the teachers at our school are excellent and put in heaps of effort. Our info "nights" are actually run in the late afternoon so we just pack up the kids and bring them with us with their books to read, it's not hard. All about priorities for people, I guess.

    Back to the original topic though, on that basis (and in your part of town!) I'd definitely be doing the info night next term.