Friday, June 11, 2010

super woman

Rachael over at in tandem has just finished a series on the legend of the super-woman - particularly the ministry superwoman. It's good stuff, but she's received very few comments. I haven't commented because there didn't seem to be much that needed to be said.

But here are a few thoughts.

- we are all called to serve. Laziness and selfishness aren't options open to christians.

- our attitude to service should be proactive, not reactive. Why not look around and see how you can further God's work in the world? Find ways to love and give, don't wait for someone to ask you to do something.

- those we label as 'super' ministry people are usually just those who are being proactive in service.

- everyone has a part to play to make the body work. If a single tooth hurts, the whole body will be in agony. If the big toe goes on strike, the body will limp.

- those who take a back seat at church often do it because they are afraid of being found-out as incompetent at something. Those who are proactive in service have accepted that their incompetence will soon be painfully evident to themselves and those around them. (Those who haven't yet discovered their incompetence, will soon.)

- I would hate it if anyone thought I was a 'super' ministry type. Yeah, I do a lot of stuff, but the super label assumes some extraordinary strength that I definitely don't have. I'm no more capable of doing music, teaching sunday school, organising morning tea and talking helpfully to people on the one Sunday morning than anyone else would be. Something will give (often my temper!)

- Also, anyone who thinks me 'super' just doesn't know me. My friends know I'm tired, flat, discouraged, hurt, sinful and incompetent as much as I'm anything else. 

- Thinking of people as 'super' types allows us to judge them more harshly. All the stuff that such people do is not appreciated (because, hey, she can do all of that effortlessly!) but the stuff they do not do (or do not do well) is often thought of and even spoken of.

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  1. Hey, this is my hobby horse! I wrote about it back in April. And I'm currently writing a piece for Footprints magazine.

    Thinking someone else is awesome also means we don't pray for them. We also judge ourselves negatively in comparison to them i.e. "I'm not worth anything because I cannot do what they do."